ASAP Methodology Implementation Steps

The SAP ASAP Methodology (Accelerated SAP) provides the roadmap for optimizing and continuous implementation of SAP systems in the real time business processes. The ASAP roadmap brings in to multiple number of tools, information and accelerators to assist team members with the implementation of SAP R/3. The various phases of ASAP Methodology which consist below

Project Preparation ASAP Methodology Implementation

This phase to discuss the requirements of the project initial aspects.

  • Identification of team members
  • Developing a high level plan
  • Estimation of cost of the project
  • Duration of the project

Business Blue print Phase

  • To understand the business goals of the company.
  • To determine the business requirements needed to support the business goals.
  • Formulating the TO BE processes after thorough review of questionnaires sent to the key users/core users.

Realization Phase

  • Mainly to implement all the business and process requirements based on the business blue print.
  • The system is customized step by step in two work packages: Baseline and Final configuration.
  • The mapping done on how the system should get configured and tested.

Final Preparation Phase

  • Main purpose is to complete testing, end user training, system management and cut over activities.
  • Critical open issues should be resolved here.
  • Upon successful completion of this phase the business transactions are ready to run in the SAP system.

Go live and Support Phase

  • Transition from a project oriented, pre-­ productive environment to a successful and live productive operation.
  • Post implementation support.
  • System monitoring and fine-tuning.

The ASAP Methodology will cover the entire project life cycle right from the initial preparation and evaluation via delivery and till the end of post project management. The other side ASAP is concerned with the process and value of the application life cycle.

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