What is SAP Upgrade Roadmap?

SAP Upgrade Roadmap is content available from SAP that provides a methodological guideline to assist you in your upgrade ventures. This roadmap is available as part of SAP Solution Manager (Release 3.1 onward). At its core is a generic, easy-to-follow, phase-oriented, step-bystep activity guide for upgrading components to facilitate any upgrade project (see the Roadmap window in Figure 2).

These include analysis of the status and targets for business processes and underlying IT infrastructure before and after the upgrade, upgrade configuration, and testing of upgraded processes. Along the way, accelerators link directly to SAP Solution Manager and other SAP resources to launch supporting functions – tools and services for best practices documents, how-to’s, and project templates, among others, that speed the upgrade process.

By connecting you automatically to the right resources at each phase of the upgrade project, the

SAP Upgrade Roadmap allows You to:

Tailor the guide to your chosen upgrade path (SAP Upgrade Roadmap ), such as from SAP CRM 2.0 to SAP CRM 4.0, using predefined, path-specific content delivered with the Upgrade Roadmap (see sidebar below) ) to manage and report on your current system landscape, and to document and test your business processes

sap upgrade

Navigate directly to supporting upgrade functions in SAP Solution Manager (shown below)

sap upgrade map

Track your project activities, making extensive use of documentation management, status tracking, and problem message handling In a nutshell, the SAP Upgrade Roadmap provides access to all documentation sources relevant to technical and functional system adjustments at the time you need it.

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