What is R/3 Architecture?

SAP R3 Architecture: To start entering into project implementation activities every one of the project related, should at least know the R/3 architecture. It gives an immense knowledge over the implementation activities. The Sap system environment is called as Client Service approach. There are different views to understand the client server approach.

The client server may be embedded in a single system or in different systems. As per the requirement of the project we can decide the system environment. Basically there are 3 types of clients are used in the project implementation. The first one is development client, the quality client, and the production client.

SAP R3 Architecture

The three clients are specified for different activities. The development client is used to do the configurations by the Jr consultants as per the business blue prints. We can make and define the configurations as per the requirements. The configurations will be tested in another client (depending on the system environment) i.e. Quality client.

The configurations made in development client will be transported to the quality client with the help of transport management (dealt by basis administration). And the configurations will be checked and ensure that they are in tuned with business blue prints. Once the quality checking is completed, the configurations will be transported from development client to Production client.

sap R/3 Architecture

This is client of end user.  SAP R3 Architecture -generally no changes can be made to the configurations in this client. In exceptional cases if any changes made has to be documented perfectly ‘as the changes made in Production client’ However, SAP discourages to make changes in Production client, make the changes in development client and test it quality then again transport to production.

This is best business practice of the Implementation. The R3 architecture can be viewed as the following way. This type of R/3 view is considered as a development view. We can have a birds view over the total development activities in implementation process. Generally a client is considered a work area where the user master data is available or configured.

Development client

  1. Configurations
  2. Sand box and client for users.
  3. Initial testing.

Quality Client

  1. Quality testing

Production Client

  1. Production or permanent

SAP R3 Architecture : With a view to remember the work areas or the clients, SAP suggested to name the client with 3 character Ids. There are no had and fact system of number of clients. We can name it as per the convenience of the project. However, to maintain the standardization SAP suggests the consultants 000 client name should be accredited to Production client only.

As an application consultant we do the configurations in development client, and ensure the initial quality checking of the configurations as on going process. All configurations have to pass through the quality testing phase in quality client. Here in the quality client all types of testing, like intra module testing, business process tests, integration testing, will be done and finally confirms the customization and integration.

Then the customized settings will be transported to production client. Before transporting into production client the final test called User Acceptance Test will be done.

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