What is Presentation Server? Major advantages of Presentation Server Overview

Presentation Server is an SAP GUI. It is of 3 types SAPGUI for windows, HTML and JAVA. It is used to establish connection with SAP Application Server based on the name of the application server, Instance Number, SID etc.

Major Advantages of Presentation Server

1. Single GUI to access all the SAP Applications (ERP, CRM, SCM, XI, BI and SRM)

2. We can login with our logon language i.e. specify the language during logon. Same GUI is allowed to login with different languages

3. GUI is user friendly to create favorites, startup transactions 9 – To create Favorites

Login – From Tools – Administration SU01 – From Menu Favorites > Add

To setup startup transactions

From menu Extras – Set startup transaction

SAP R/3 Architecture

Presentation Server

4. GUI is downward compatible to support all the SAP Applications which are below the gui version.

Example: GUI 7.0 cannot support the component that are built on 7.10 but 7.0 can handle 7.00, 640, 620, 46D, 45A etc.

5. User parameters are defined for the frequently keyed in content. Eg: A user belonging to the sales organization, division, plant, sales area should get all the values by default while creating sales order (VA01) etc.,

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