SAP Transport Management System (STMS) concept

You can organize, perform, and monitor transports between your SAP Systems using the SAP Transport Management System (STMS). User actions at the operating system level are no longer necessary, since all the necessary information and functions are mapped in the SAP System.
Consultant & Abapers will request transport from client to client. Once request has been approved, Basis will transport the request using T-CODE STMS

SAP Transport Management System (STMS)
Step by step,

1. On the command field, enter STMS. You will see the above screen. Now, click the red color truck on upper left of the screen.
2. Double click on the target system. In this case, I am going to transport from Development server to Production server. I’ll double click on PRD.
3. Press refresh once to update the transport list.
4. Click on the ‘transport request que (Ctrl-F6) if you see a green colored arrow. Press ok when a window popup.
5. Once completed, click on Import request button (Ctrl-F11)
6. Enter your target client. In my case, its client 800.
7. Click on option tab and untick leave transport request in queue for later import. See above picture. Now click ok.
8. Click ok to confirm when a new windows pop up.
9. Transport has been completed.

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