SAP GUI 7.10 New Installation Instructions

Previously I’m using SAP GUI 6.40 on my vista operating system. At the beginning, SAP GUI is running fine, all the t-codes I access are displayed correctly. But in time, maybe after 2 days intensively use of this 6.40 version, I started to experience trouble. The SAP GUI collapse whenever I attempted to run certain t-code (i think it’s the t-codes that I quite often access).

So I search through google how to solve this problem. I found in several forums that other users are experiencing the same problem, and recommended to upgrade to SAP GUI version 7.10 which is dedicated for windows vista. They also told me to download the latest patch for version 7.10 as well.

So, as they said, I downloaded SAP GUI 7.10 from SAPs’ ftp server along with the patch provided, while I’m writing this, the latest patch is patch level 8.

SAP GUI 7.10 New Installation Guide,

If you don’t have .NET framework installed on your computer. Please install the NET framework version 2.0 or the latest release. (I use the .NET framework 3.5)

Extract the SAP GUI 7.10 zip file on one folder (you can name it whatever you want, example: SAPGUI-710) under the directory C:\Program Files\Windows. If you don’t extract the installer on the previously specified location, you will receive an error message saying: Failed to open/parse setup script. Please check if the script file ‘setup/NwSapSetup.xsc’ exists. Though you check that the file referred by the error message is actually exist on folder setup.

Then the installation wizard interface will come out. Next all you need to do is follow the installation wizard, it’s pretty easy to follow, you simply just click next.

When you finish installing SAP GUI 7.10, now it’s time to execute the patch.

Unzip the patch wherever you want.

Run the executable patch file.

Finally, you will now have the SAP GUI 7.10 on your computer. I have test this new version several times, and now the SAP GUI doesn’t collapse even though I access a t-codes for many times. I think it runs normally now.

Download: SAP GUI 710 New Installation Instructions

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