How to Configure Maintenance Optimizer in SAP?

Maintenance Optimizer is a tool provided by SAP to ensure that all the support packages that are released after April 2007 related to Netweaver will be approved and downloaded through MOPZ we can add support packages to the download basket in the Market place.

Support packages and patches entry by application group

To Configure Maintenance Optimizer

Maintain the table AISuser

In order to maintain this table SAP_MAINT_OPT_ADMIN role should present.

Ensure that your solution manager is having support package ST[Solution Tools] minimum 10 level.

Configure Maintenance Optimizer


  • User Contact Person
  • Sapuser 5013295

The user with which we login or the user in the user master record.

Assign SAP service Market place userid without “S000”

SAP-OSS (RFC connection should also use the same userid to communicate with the market place)

Activate BCSET or MOPZ is upgraded through Solution Manager

Goto SPRO or SCPR20 activate….



Note: BCSET should be activated only once because it over writes the existing data

  • Transaction code (Tcode): /$tab
  • /$sync deletes the buffer on the application server. (Need to use carefully in the production system)
  1. Create Maintenance Transaction
  2. Select the component and system
  3. Allow the solution manager to choose the support packages or choose download manager to select the support packages.

To Click on continue to confirm the files in the download basket.

  1. Goto download manager and download the files and perform the maintenance i.e., applying the patches manually.
  2. Maintenance optimizer is only an authorized solution.

1242931, 1296589 (notes)

Start – SAP Download manager – Download Manger

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