What is Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) in SAP MM?

Returnable transport packaging (RTP) is a multi-trip packaging medium (for example, pallets or containers) in which goods can be transported more than once between vendors and customers.

Returnable transport packaging from a vendor that is stored at a location on your premises is managed as special stock and clearly assigned as belonging to the vendor. It is the property of the vendor and is therefore not included in the customer’s valuated stock.

To enable you to manage the returnable transport packaging stocks of material belonging to different vendors separately, special stock data is required in addition to material master data.This special stock data is defined for every vendor at the storage location level. Special stock data is created automatically when the first receipt is posted into the returnable transport packaging stock. This data cannot be maintained directly by the user but is updated automatically with every goods movement (or physical inventory).

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP)

RTP  stocks from vendors are externally owned and are not valuated.

RTP  stock is always unrestricted-use stock.

sap rtp

The stock can neither be in quality inspection nor blocked. Depending on the system configuration, returnable transport packaging stock can also be negative. Negative stocks occur when you return an RTP quantity to the vendor before you have entered the goods receipt in the system (i.e. the goods issue is posted before the goods receipt).

A quantity of returnable transport packaging can be entered at goods receipt for a purchase order as follows:

1),From the Inventory Management menu, choose Goods movement ® Goods receipt ® For purchase order ® PO number known or PO number unknown.

2), On the initial screen enter the movement type (usually 101) and the order number (or the selection criteria for the purchase order).

3), Select the required items and copy them.

4), From the overview screen, choose Edit ® W/o purchase order ® Enter…

6), A window appears in which you can enter the movement type and the special stock indicator (e.g. 501 M) for the quantity of returnable transport packaging.

6), Enter the returnable transport packaging items.

7), Post the goods movement.

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