How to Create New Movement Types in SAP MM Step by Step Configuration

How to create movement types? What are the steps involved?

When will you recommend a new movement type?

Companies may request a new movement types to differentiate between the inventory posting transaction.  For example, 551 scrap movement type.  Some company may request to have it as 551 for Internal Scrap and Z51 for External Scrap.

The Transaction code is OMJJ

To Create new movement types and steps as follows:

Step 1 : Once you have carried out the activity, the system displays a dialog box for field selection. In this, you can restrict the movement types you work with to various fields. To copy a movement type, select the field Movement type and choose Continue. The dialog box Define work area appears.

Step 2 : In the dialog box Define work area, enter the movement type you want to copy in the From: field. In the To: field, enter the name of the new movement type you want to create. To go to the overview of the selected movement types, choose Continue.

Step 3: Select the movement type you want to copy, and choose Edit -> Copy as.Overwrite the selected movement type with the new movement type (beginning with 9, X, Y, or Z for you, Lets say an example 321 will be 921 and for 322 will be 922) and copy all dependent entries.

movement types

The system copies all control indicators from the reference movement type to the new movement type.

Step 4 : Check all views for the new movement type and, if necessary, change the control indicators. Please note that some views have a detail screen.

Step 5: Copy the reversal movement type and enter it in the view Reversal/follow-on movement types.

Step 6 :  Save your settings.

For the rest of the options, you can leave it alone or change it depending on your requirement.

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