How to Maintain Versions in sap?

To enter any transaction data in sap – CO, we need to maintain versions. Version stores your data into what type of data we entering whether Planned Or Actual. The most suitable version for any company is Version 0, which has characteristics of both planned/actual. We can also have an option to create our own versions.

Maintain Versions in SAP

IMG ⇒Controlling ⇒ General Controlling ⇒ Organization ⇒ Maintain Versions

T-Code: OKEQ

the following screen appears,

Select “0“line item (Plan/Actual Version)

Double Click on “Settings for each Fiscal Year”

the following Popup Appears,

Controlling Area: Select Company Code from the Popup

Version: 0

Press “Enter”

The following screen appears


the below popup appears, click on “YES”

Press”Enter“, Select the printer

Then Click on “Execute”


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