How to Copy GL Master from One Company Code to another Company Code

You can use OBY2 to copy the GL accounts from one company code to the other company code.

2 nd option.

You can go through IMG-Financial acc- G/L A/c- Master data- G/L A/c creation with reference and create G/L accounts with reference to existing cocd

Note:You cam copy G/L accounts between two company codes only if both the company codes have same operating chart of accounts.
Otherwise you can create it with reference to a G/L account from another company code.

other option:

You can use FS15 and post the batch through SM35 or fs16

RFBISA40 is a standard ABAP report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Below is the standard documentation available for this report and a few details of other objects it interacts with such as tables, function modules, includes etc. If you would like to see the full code listing simply enter the object name( RFBISA40 ) into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE38 or SE80

Within the comments section below there is also an opportunity for anyone to be able add useful hints and information specific to this SAP object. This means that you and other users will be able to find these details quickly by simply searching on the object name.

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