Explain the Categories of General Ledger accounts in SAP

Tax Accounts are exclusively used as tax accounts. The collected tax will be credited into these accounts. While determining these accounts we have to specify the Tax type allowed. Accordingly only the system allows the relative tax type transactions into this account.

Example: Excise Duty paid and excise duty payable accounts.

Tax relevant accounts are subject to tax codes.i.e. System will calculate the taxes from these accounts Example: 1.raw material inventory account. Accounts payable account. Sales account and accounts receivable account. For tax relevant accounts we have to modify the tax type allowed and select the check box post without tax allowed also.

No tax accounts are normal accounts in no way connected to taxes.

Example:rent, etc.

Categories of General Ledger accounts in SAP

General ledger accounts 2

Inversely we have to create General ledger accounts for excise duty payable as output tax, account group liability and tax category as a >(output tax) for all tax accounts as under.

Step 1: Assign General Ledger accounts for taxes: path: same as up to tax on sales and purchases<posting>define tax accounts TC: OB40

Step 2: Select the account key (i12 defined for vat paid) as posting indicator as 2 (Separate line item)

Step 3: Give chart of accounts continue.

Step 4: Select the tax code check box and save.

Step 5: Give the tax code and related tax account.

General ledger accounts 4

And save transaction the screen will appear as above figure. Like the select output tax keys also and give the general ledger accounts for automatic credit of taxes while processing the information.

Post the incoming invoice Transaction in F-43

And in the second line item give the tax code, the system calculates taxes and credit to separate line item or as per the posting indicator of the access key.

Post the outgoing invoice Transaction in F-22.

And verify the respective General ledger accounts, Tax accounts

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