SAP Support Project Handling Tickets

SAP Support Project Handling tickets is called Issue Tracking system. The errors or bugs forwarded by the end user to the support team are prioritized under three seviority High, Medium and Low. Each and every seviority as got its time limits before that we have to fix the error.

The main job of the supporting consultant is to provide assistance on line to the customer or the organisation where SAP is already implemented for which the person should be very strong in the subject and the process which are implemented in SAP at the client side to understand,to analyse,to actuate and to give the right solution in right time.This is the job of the support consultant.

The issues or the tickets(problems) which are arised is taken care of on priority basis by the support team consultants.

The work process in support projects are given below for your reference.

1. The customer or the end user logs a call through any tool or by mail (RADIX).

2. Each one of the support team is a part of support group.

SAP Support Project

3. Whenever a customer logs a call he /she has to mention to which work group (by name).

4. Once the calls came to the work group the support consultant or the team need to send an IR (Initial Response) to the user depending upon the priority of the calls. (Top,High,Med,Low,None)

5. Then the error is fixed, debugged by the support consultant or the team. Then after testing properly by generating TR(Transport Request through the basis admin)

6. Then it is informed to the end user/customer/super user about the changes which have moved to the production server by CTS process.

These are the process. In summary, what I understand is that if any configuration or customization is required to solve the issue, then the consultant have to work on DEV Client, then the end user will test it in the QA client and after approval the BASIS consultant has to transport it to the PRODUCTION client.

An example:
Tickets in SD can be considered as the problems which the end user or the employee in the company face while working on R/3. Tickets usually occur during the implementation or after theimplementation of the project. There can be numerous problem which can occur in the production support and a person who is working in the support has to resolve those tickets in the limited duration, every ticket has the particular deadline alert so your responsibility is to finish it before that deadline.

To begin with , we should give “TICKET” to you for not knowing it.

Here is an eg of a ticket raise:
End user is not able to
1. Create Sales order for a customer from a New plant , since shipping point determination is not happened . ( Without Shipping point the document becomes INCOMPLETE and he will not be able to proceed further like DELIVERY, BILLING).

He raises a ticket and the priority is set in one of the below:
1. Low 2. Medium 3. High.

Now you need to solve this ticket. You would analyze the problem and identify that the SP configuration has to be done for the new plant.

You would request a transport for DEV CLIENT to BASIS. You do the change and Request one more Transport to BASIS for QA client. The End user will test the same by creating a sales order for the new plant and approve it.

Finally, you request a transport to move the changes to PRODUCTION. Once the change is deployed in production the TICKET is closed. What I have given is a small example. You would get some real issues with severity HIGH in your day-day support.

Salient Features In Support Project:

  • Providing support to the post implementation project
  • Resolving all user related issues
  • Creating reports using ABAP Queries as per the customer requirements
  • Creation of new sales offices in SAP system
  • Set up new sales areas
  • Creation of New Sales Order types, Delivery types and Billing Types for new Plant
  • Basic support on Sales activities related to sales order processing delivery and billing
  • Updating the number ranges during the year end
  • Providing training as per the users manual

Support Responsibilities

  • Resolved SD related Tickets that are received from users.
  • Handled tickets within the agreed service level agreement.
  • User training – SD Module.
  • Reports have been created with Info-structures and ABAP queries as per requirements.
  • Made necessary configuration changes and tested whenever needed.
  • Developing systems to meet Customers Requirements.
  • Inter-department co-ordination for SAP related activities.
  • Updating & Monitoring of Master data in SAP.
  • Migrated data into SAP whenever needed from legacy system

To add more
1. Handle regular tickets
2. Need to develop new output types with the help of ABAPer
3. issues related to pricing / taxes etc
4. Do some config changes based on need ex: create new sales group/sales office/new doc type/ new condition type etc
5. Need to add some routines/requirements based on need.

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