How To Create Purchase Info Record SAP?

Purchase Info Record: Info records are created automatically when the user orders a material or update a price quotation from a vendor, but can be also created, changed or deleted manually.

Purchase Info Records (Info records) are maintained as Master data, just as Material and Vendor master data is maintained.  Info records may be created for materials that have a material master record, and for materials that do not (Material Groups).  An Info record links a material to a vendor. A material may be supplied by more than one vendor.  Therefore, there could be more than one Info record linking a material to a number of vendors.

The Info records contains information specific to the vendor and material combination.  For example, an Info records may contain the number of reminder letters to be sent to a vendor for expediting purposes, and the unit of measure for ordering from the vendor. The Info records also reflect price changes made by the vendor for the material. This information can be useful when evaluating and selecting quotations.

Input Fields

  • Vendor: Supplier of materials
  • Material: Material number.  Required for the material based info. Records.
  • Purchasing org: Purchasing org. responsible for purchasing the material (see tips and tricks).
  • Standard: When this indicator is on, it signifies this information record is for use only with standard purchase orders.
  • Short text: Description of the material. Required when there is no material master record.
  • Material group: Material group to which the material is assigned.  Required when there is no material master.
  • Order unit: Units the material is ordered in
  • Sort string: Used to subdivide purchasing info records. Required when there is no material master record
  • Plnd Delay Time: Days it will take the vendor to deliver the material
  • Purchasing Group: Group responsible for purchasing the material for the plant that will receive it
  • Standard Qty: Quantity of the material usually ordered from the vendor
  • Net Price: Vendor’s price
  • Qty Conversion: Defaults to 1

Output Fields

Current information record: Current Info record indicating, price, lead time, delivery terms, conditions etc.

Purchase organization on the initial screen is normally filled in and required in most companies.  It should be left blank if the info record will be for all purchasing organizations and information from Purchase org screens will not be used.

On the Purchase org 1 data screen or condition screen, the net price should only be filled in if the user plans on maintaining the price manually.  Otherwise the last PO document will maintain the pricing for all subsequent PO’s.  Once the net price is filled in, the system will not allow the user to blank this field out and switch to the last PO pricing method. The user can also use conditions to fill in net price.

Create Purchase Info Record SAP

Step 1: Access Create Purchase Info Record:

Logistics>Materials management>Purchasing>Master data>Info record>Create

Logistics>Sales and Distribution>Foreign Trade/Customs>General Foreign Trade Processing>Import/Export>Master Data>Purchasing Info Record

Logistics>Production>KANBAN>Environment>Purchasing>Master Data>Info Record>Create

Transaction Code ME11

Step 2: Create Purchase Info Record: Initial Screen, enter information in the fields as specified in the table below:

Purchasing Info Record 1

  • Vendor – Vendor Number: Enter vendor number
  • Material – Material Master: Enter material master number if the user are creating a material based info record.
  • Purchasing Organization – Company’s purchasing Organization: Enter Purchasing org.
  • Plant – Plant receiving the material: Enter the plant that will receive the material
  • Info record – Number assigned to Info record: Enter if external number assignment is enabled
  • Info Category – The type of PO or withdrawal to be used in used in connection with the info. Record: Pick from the radio buttons

Step 3: To Create Purchasing Info Record: General Data, enter information in the fields as specified in the table below: 

Purchasing Info Record 2

  • Info Record – Info record number : This number will be provided when the Info record is saved.
  • Short text – Short text description of the material : Must be entered if the material does not have a material master record
  • Material group -Material group to which the material is assigned: Must be entered if the material does not have a material master record
  • Vendor Data -Section Header
  • Reminder 1,2,3 – Reminder letters : Indicate when letters should be sent
  • Vendor mat. no. -Vendor material number : Enter vendors material number that relates to company’s material master
  • Sub-range -Vendors sub division of total product line : Enter if available
  • VSR sort no – Sort criteria : Sort in Vendors sub-range
  • Vendor mat. Group – Material group at the vendor to which the material belongs: Enter or leave blank
  • Points –Vendor points: Points awarded by vendor depending on pricing conditions and discounts
  • Return Agreement -Two-character key, indicating whether a return agreement has been concluded with this vendor: Enter key or leave blank
  • Return Agreement -Two-character key, indicating whether a return agreement has been concluded with this vendor
  • Prior vendor -Key that uniquely identifies the prior vendor : Enter prior vendor or leave blank
  • Order unit -Unit of measure in which the material is ordered -Defaults to base unit of measure.
  • Equal to –Denominator: Conversion to base unit of measure
  • Sorting -Section Header
  • Sort string: Required if creating material group info records.  Enter character.
  • Certificate Cat.– Category of certificates used
  • Valid to -Date until which the certificate of origin is valid: Enter or leave blank
  • Ctry. of origin -Defaults from vendor master
  • Region –District : Defaults from vendor master
  • Number -Classifying number: Enter or leave blank
  • Manufacturer -Name of manufacturer of material, shown as import data in PO: Enter or leave blank
  • Avail. From -Vendor can supply material from date: Enter Date
  • Available until -Vendor can supply material to Date: Enter date
  • Regular Vendor -Leave blank – if the user’s turn indicator Button on, it identifies this vendor as the sole source of this material at client level.

Step 4: Create Purchase Info Record: Purch. Organization Data 1 & 2, enter information in the fields as specified in the table below:

Purchasing Info Record 3

Nest screen appears as

Purchasing Info Record 4

Step 5: Create Purchase Info Record: Text Overview, enter information in the fields as specified in the table below:

Purchasing Info Record 5

  •  Info record note – Extra notes or information: Select and enter note to appear on Info record
  • Purchase order textPurchase order text: Select and enter text to appear on PO

Save. Now you have Done

If you have entered all the desired information about material/vendor combination you can save the transaction data and will be presented with information about the purchase info record number assigned to our info record.

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