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SAP R/3 Architecture hardware view

The SAP R/3 Architecture hardware view is called a development view, the view of the R/3 architecture, is hard functionality, or we can the process functionality of information with in the sap environment. The below diagram is flow chart in R/3 structure. The end user queries first

SAP BASIS Transaction Codes Lists

Here you find SAP basis transaction codes and with functions and usage with short description. User Overview: Display all the users who are currently logged on to the system and show the user-ids and terminal name. Transaction code: SM04 Lock Entry List: A lock is a mechanism

How to Display Organizational Structure in a Graphical Interface?

Organizational Structure: Organizational object (object key O) used to form the basis of an organizational plan. Organizational units are functional units in an enterprise. According to how tasks are divided up within an enterprise, these can be departments, groups or project teams, for example.  Organizational units differ

SAP Down Payment Process an Overview

SAP Down payment are treated as special general ledger transactions in sap. The down payment transactions will be stored in the vendor account with special general ledger indicator. The corresponding entry will be posted in alternative reconciliation account number. For this purpose sap defined special general ledger indicators

What is General Ledger Planning in SAP?

General Ledger Planning can be done for general ledger wise in financial accounting exclusively. For that purpose we have to define the plan periods for the variant. Path: spro> ref.img> financial accounting> general ledger accounting> general ledger accounts> business transactions> planning> define planning period: Give the posting

Availability Check in SAP SD

Availability Check in SAP SD: MD04  -Takes us to the Stock Requirement list [Updation in the stock requirement list is the mainly depends upon checking group of MRP3 screen] When all the promised orders have had the goods set aside, and all the incoming replenishment have been

What is BEx Web Analyzer?

The BEx Web Analyzer is the initial Web frontend tool offered as part of the Business Explorer reporting options. The entire navigational and analytical process within the Web Analyzer is structured to be business user friendly. Much of the functionality that is available in the BEx Query