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Components of SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects  -During the process of getting acquainted with the numerous components of BOBJ that we was having difficulty understanding where each one fits. we initially needed to understand where each one of the SAP Business Objects components fits into the landscape before we can start to understand

What is SAP-BI Data Archiving Process?

SAP-BI Data Archiving Process: Archiving is used to store your data at a remote location to improve the performance in BI. Archiving is a process of moving the data from the sap database to storage system which is not required online and archived data can be read offline

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence: The Purpose of Business Intelligence, During all business activities, companies create data. In all departments of the company, employees at all levels use this data as a basis for making decisions. Business Intelligence (BI) collates and prepares the large set of enterprise data. By analyzing the data

Transport in SAP BI – Step by Step Procedure to Implement

Transport in SAP BI : SAP in general transports will be implemented by Basis persons or we can automate the transports implementation by scheduling the job. Sometimes we will be in situation where we have to implement the transports. In this post, we will see how to implement the

How to Upgrade SAP BW Service Pack Stack (SPS)?

SAP BW Service Pack Stack (SPS) :  Below Steps to be followed to Upgrade SAP BW Service Pack Stack usually of 2 Types. 1. Technical Upgrade (SPS Upgrade) 2. Functional Upgrade In Technical Upgrade Projects, Lead/Senior Consultant (Expertise) will be involve in many Phases. SAP BW Service Pack Stack

What is SAP BW Monitoring Tool?

SAP BW Monitoring Tool: The Process Chains context contains all of the process chains that have run since the BW system was last started.By setting the transfer parameter for method execution DAYS_TO_KEEP_LOGS in the method definition RSPC_CCMS_STARTUP, you can specify the process chain runs that you want

Types of attributes in SAP BW

There are three types attributes in sap BW they are 1), Display/Exclusive Attributes 2), Navigational Attribute 3), Transitive Attribute. Attributes Attributes are Info Objects that exist already, and that are assigned logically to the new characteristic Navigational Attributes A Navigational Attribute is any attribute of a Characteristic