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Material Ledger Closing in SAP Quick review

Material Ledger Closing: Movements for a material that is valuated with the material ledger are always carried out using the valuation price. If the price control indicator in the material master record is S, movements for the material are carried out with the standard price. If the

What are all High level responsibilities during SAP Implementation?

The high level responsibilities of sap Implementation Company (XXX) and the implementation Partner (YYY) which includes as below, XXX shall be responsible as below, Provide expertise on the nature of business. Provide users for the various application areas. Define business processes for the functions proposed. Identify with

How to View Existing Purchasing Documents per Vendor?

This procedure outlines the process of displaying Purchasing documents that have been created for a vendor.  It should be noted that in the initial screen of the transaction, that the user can restrict the output list by including more criteria. Example: Should the user choose to restrict

SAP Trading Goods Transaction Code MMH1 – Step by Step

To create SAP Trading Goods (HAWA) Creation select the following navigation path in SAP R/3 Easy Access. Menu Path: Logistics > Material Management > Material Master > Material > Create (General) > Trading goods (or) Material > Create (General) > Immediately (mm01) Transaction Code: MMH1 or MM01

What is Audit Information System (AIS) in SAP?

Audit Information System (AIS) is a native SAP tool to assist in auditing both technical and business controls in SAP system. In versions SAP R/3 4.6c and earlier, AIS could be accessed using transaction SECR. This is the basic concept to learn as the end user of

What is Clearing Functions in SAP?

This Clearing functions are used to clear the outstanding entries in the general ledger accounts. Example: outstanding amounts in expenses payable and income receivable accounts. To clear the amounts we can do three types of clearing functions. 1. Standard clearing functions 2. Partial clearing functions 3. Residual clearing

Explain the Categories of General Ledger accounts in SAP

Tax Accounts are exclusively used as tax accounts. The collected tax will be credited into these accounts. While determining these accounts we have to specify the Tax type allowed. Accordingly only the system allows the relative tax type transactions into this account. Example: Excise Duty paid and excise