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What is Sap Business Object Layer (BOL)?

The Sap Business Object Layer (BOL) stores data of business object such as business partners and sales order during run time.  This was done in order to separate Presentation layer of Web UI with the business Logic. The business layer consists of the following: SAP Business Object Layer(BOL)  The

What is Object Orientation in SAP?

Object Orientation in SAP: Software systems are defined by data and functionality. In a non object oriented system, functionality and data and treated separately. The focus in such a system remains on functionality. On the other hand, object oriented systems data and functionality are combined together using

ABAP Package Concept an Overview

ABAP Package Concept, ABAP applications server’s one of the most important innovations is ABAP package concept, owing to the reason that it allows the development of software considered to be ‘soft’ helping in the evolution of any software system. Reasons for Lesser Usage ABAP package concept is not

Create Field Exits in SAP – Step by Step Procedure

Method 1: Field exits in SAP R/3 4.6C, execute transaction CMOD. Then type PRFB in the command field. Method 2: Another way to accomplish this is to use program RSMODPRF. There are Eight Steps to Creating a Field Exit  Step 1: Determine Data Element Step 2: Go

The Major Limitation and Comparision of SAP R/3 Reporting Systems

Common feature among R3 reporting systems is that they all collect data in special data tables. This is a preferred method for operational reporting due to real-time data acquisition from linked SAP modules. Several reporting systems derive data based on update rules. External data can also be

What is Web Dynpro for ABAP?

Web Dynpro (Stands for Web Dynamic Programming) for ABAP is a programming model for developing Web applications. It consists of a run time environment and a graphical development environment with special Web Dynpro tools that are integrated in the ABAP Workbench. Basically Web Dynpro is used for developing

How to Reset SAP ITS 6.20 Itsadmin Password?

Reset SAP ITS 6.20 Itsadmin Password : Due to incorrect logon or forgot the password user itsadmin in SAP ITS 6.20 is locked. Incorrect password can be occurred after upgrading ITS or just after installation. Here’s the procedure how to reset the password, Reset SAP ITS 6.20